Cast of Characters

Humans:AMNS Floor-banner 2nd ed

–       Doctor Oberon Malieux: Physician, inventor
–       Doctor Lakshmi Malieux: Physician, inventor
–       Kaiser Wilhelm II: Emperor of Germany
–       Baron Moriz von Lyncker: aide de camp to Kaiser Wilhelm
–       Alexander MacIntyre: a junior undersecretary at Buckingham Palace, in love with Pauline.
–       Winston Churchill: A noble young cavalry officer
–       Pauline Spiegel: Apprentice artificer. A university friend of Clementine. Betrothed to Winston. In love with Alex.
–       Clementine Hozier: Mathematician and engineer.  In love with Winston.
–       Ernst Spiegel: Master artificer to the Queen, Pauline’s father.
–       Hermione Spiegel (deceased prior): Co-builder/inventor of Jubal, best friend of Lakshmi, wife of Ernst, mother of Pauline
–       Captain Henry Adelbert Wellington FitzRoy “Beau” Somerset: 9th Duke of Beaufort. Military aide de camp to Queen Victoria.
–       Lady Randolph Churchill (Jenny): Mother of Winston
–       Vickie (nee Princess Royal Victoria), Kaiserin (Dowager Empress): mother of Kaiser Wilhelm & Prince Waldemar.
–       Queen Victoria of England
–       Lord Salisbury: Prime Minister of England
–       Czar Nicholas of Russia
–       Crown Prince Edward of England


–       Shaka: a Zulu inyanga, mech assistant to Oberon Malieux
–       Nick Bottom: The mech forge bellows
–       Peter Quince: The metal-working mech
–       Francis Flute: The mech weaver
–       Robin Starveling: The sewing machine mech
–       Tom Snout: A mech carpenter
–       Snug: The joiner mech
–       Enforcers: Malieux’s mech thugs

Micromechs: iridescent flying creatures

–       Peaseblossom: a dragonfly
–       Cobweb: a cricket
–       Mote: a hummingbird
–       Mustardseed: a bumblebee


–       Captain Bert Becham: a barge
–       Ganesh: a dirigible


–       Diamond Jubal: the neuralizer automaton

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