What the Reviewers Are Saying

“Imaginative and compelling.” Fred Adams, Founder, Utah Shakespearean FestivalAMNS Floor-banner 2nd ed

In InD’Tale Magazine: “a marvelous debut novel”

Ever On Word ~ The blog of author Danielle E. Shipley: “Come for the clockwork, stay for the puckish shenanigans, say I!”

On Amazon

  • “a world of mechanicals with heart and depth”
  • “A quick plot with plenty of twists, tight dialogue, and empathetic characters”
  • “amazing skill at interweaving history”
  • “get lost in this page-turner!”
  • “a wonderful introduction to Steampunk”
  • “crisp and fresh”
  • “full of wonderful Steampunk goodness”
  • “airy imagination became tangible”
  • “viscerally satisfying in a most astonishing way”
  • “a page-turning, something-for-everyone read”

On Kindle

  • “right up there with Pavane”
  • “every decision made in the adaptation to this new form is spot on. The characters are fresh, fiery, and fun”
  • “a voyage of discovery into a world of steam and steel”
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