! Announcements: What’s coming up

Coming right up!  Stories that have been accepted for publication, but have not yet appeared:

  • The Sister Sorenson and the Mechanical Man

Sister-wives Solveig and Hilda Sorenson bend their considerable skills to protect their aging husband from a corrupt deputy U.S. marshal.

A new short story to be published by Immortal Works Press in the third volume of an anthology of Mormon Steampunk entitled, Press Forward, Saints. Release is set for early 2019.

The novella Ganesh, the story of a Mormon farm boy swept away from his Utah Territory home by a carnival huckster known to history as the Wizard of Oz, appear in the Mormon Steampunk Anthology’s first volume, All Made of Hinges. Ganesh is the heartwarming backstory of a mega-mechanical character in A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk.


Coming up Next!  Stories that have been accepted for publication, and are still in the writing/editing process:

  • Rise of the Stripling Warriors

Who were the 2,000 young warriors who rose to challenge the mighty army that threatened to exterminate their peace-loving culture? Faithful to every detail of the story revealed in the Book of Mormon, and adding a vividly-painted backstory, with their families, their friendships, and the young women who worked with them hand in hand to save their people.

Rise of the Stripling Warriors will appear in 2019.

  • A Midsummer Steampunk 2: Perils of Pauline

The follow-up to A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk (AMNS). We fell in love with Pauline Spiegel in AMNS. In her quest to recover from her life-changing injuries, she faces new challenges, horrifying new adversaries, and a time-hopping, history-bending busybody.

The publication date of AMNS2 has not been announced.

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