The new faces of Joanne Kershaw’s “Fated”


One of my favorite authors and friends, the Joanneincomparable Joanne Kershaw, has just completed her Vanguard Legacy trilogy.

What’s more, this incredibly prolific author has produced all three volumes, Foretold, Reflected, and Fated, in barely as many years. Believe me, that’s impressive.

She recently played a little game we authors sometimes amuse ourselves with: picking actors with the faces and/or public persoReflectednae closest to what we saw Fatedin our heads while we were writing. Will Hollywood ever listen to us–assuming we land that multi-million dollar movie deal? Doubt it. But it’s a fun game nonetheless.

For our game this time, Joanne concentrated on new characters from the third volume, Fated. 

So here is your peek into the mind of this talented artist–here’s what she sees when she writes:


Elora’s quad leader

He has a little bit of a crush on her (okay, a big crush!), but he’s professional enough to not let it interfere while she is his subordinate. He’s a big softy at heart. Marcus is driven by the work, and takes losses personally. His quiet and calm demeanour means that he counterbalances the craziness inside Elora’s head and it allows her to do her job properly.

Plus, he’s hot, which helps!


Elora’s new quadmate.

Clara is determined to be the best Vanguard she can be. Like Elora, she has familial expectation to live up to, and she has requested a challenging assignment to allow her to do that. She is an open book for Elora, and they have a lot in common.


Another of Elora’s new quadmates!

Patrick seems to have a lot on his plate and Elora often wonders if there isn’t something else going on. He’s the strong, silent type, but he has the best interests of his team at heart. A real man’s man, Patrick can be counted on to make the tough decisions.


Elora’s new Vanguard Superior.

He can’t replace the man she lost in the past, but he does a pretty good job! Of course, it turns out that he has a history with her mother, because which Vanguard doesn’t have a relationship with Nina? Right?
Elora looks just like she does on the covers of the books, because no other person can do that now!

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Q3: How long did it take Joanne to publish the entire trilogy?
a) 4 years
b) 3 years
c) 5 years
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