Dragon Moon: the countdown has begun

DM_cover_front_160913July 21st, 2017

The official launch of Dragon Moon.

A new space race explodes into violence when China sets its sights on the Moon. The aim: seize the ultimate high ground. When a Chinese-American spy brings word out of Beijing, she is assigned to help an unlikely team of Navy SEALs and Russian Spetsnaz special operators to deal with this new threat. The cost of failure: worldwide Chinese empire.

Dragon Moon weaves together the stories of the special operators, the ultra-ambitious Chinese officer who has created this new lunar weapon, and a young asteroid hunter who stumbles on the truth.

With crack editorial team Penny Freeman and Jessica Fassler, we have done our best to make sure this techno-thriller comes to you chock full of the latest in geo-politics, military hardware, intrigue, and glimpses into what I think could very well be Earth’s near-term future.

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