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How do authors create major characters for their novels from scratch?

In answer to a question: For me there are essentially three ways novels are born. When I start a novel, I start with an interesting: Character. If this is how your brain works, the question (how to create the major characters) is already partly answered. Ask yourself: what does she want? What is stopping her from […]

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How do I write a character that is emotionally traumatized without making the character boring?

In answer to a question: In this case, don’t tell me the character is emotionally traumatized, especially by having him ponder it inside his own head. Instead, show me the effects of that traumatization. Especially show me how it is important to the story. If it has no effect on how the narrative unfolds, ask yourself why the […]

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FyreCon 2018!

Once again I’ll be appearing at Fyrecon, Thursday-Sunday, June 21-23. Weber State University campus, Layton, Utah. Fyrecon is a three day conference on the Art and Writing of Science Fiction and Fantasy that offers over 180 workshops and classes facilitated by published authors and working artists. Fyrecon also features four and eight hour master classes […]

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