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Egle Zioma: one of the best cover artists ever

I woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning: the first character study of the hero of my forthcoming novel, Rise of the Stripling Warriors, by the best cover artist I have ever worked with, Egle (Cathy) Zioma. Ixtil, son of Lamoni, lives for the Mayan ballgame pok-a-tok. He and his friends, the Cloud Jaguar team, […]

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The Sisters Sorenson and the Mechanical Man

Steampunk and Mormons? A natural fit! Sister-wives Solveig and Hilda Sorenson bend their considerable skills to protect their aging husband from a corrupt deputy U.S. marshal. The second in an ongoing series of Steampunk Mormon anthology volumes by Immortal Works Press, released in early 2019. “Even at twelve feet tall, Iron Porter’s hair hung well below […]

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