SteelBone_BookcoverMy novelette-length short story, Sindisiwe, was released by Xchyler Publishing June 27, 2015, in the Steampunk anthology Steel & Bone.

Sindisiwe: A slave girl in Zanzibar escapes a beating when a stranger in the marketplace proves her past is more than just a fairy tale.

Here are the wonderful authors and titles sharing the anthology:

  • Katherine Cowley
    The Clockwork Seer
    On an island of oddities, a young clairvoyant struggles for normalcy, but deadly automatons have other plans.
  • TC Phillips
    Stand and Deliver
    Neither shackles, slave labor, nor the island’s deadliest inhabitants will prevent these brothers from meting out justice to their father’s murderers.
  • C.R. Simper
    Island Walker
    Kit digs her treasures out of trash heaps, but the theft of her invention leads to discoveries money can’t buy.
  • Kin Law
    The Mysterious Island of Chester Morrison
    Dodging her chaperone, a debutante stumbles into adventure and romance at the World’s Fair.
  • Danielle E. Shipley
    A Mind Prone To Wander
    Beyond a locked door lies Rowan Charles’ death or his sanity, and the survival or extinction of his people.
  • Sarah E. Seeley
    Curio Cay
    The future of humanity rests in the hands of three time-traveling scientists battling biomechanical creatures in the Jurassic past.
  • John M. Olsen
    A dirigible captain goes down with his ship, and wakes to find himself a captive of a sky-dwelling civilization.
  • Gail B. Williams
    The Steel Inside
    Darkness lurks in Sarah’s forgotten past, kept hidden by those who claim to be her devoted husband and loyal servants.
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